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Online Procedure for Updating Aadhaar Card


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If you want to update or correct your information using the Internet, you can do so easily. UIDAI launched a service where you can easily modify your details at any time you want. You need to visit the website of UIDAI and the use of the mobile phone number of your login. You will receive a number prosecutor's office on your mobile phone which will help you to move forward. 

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The procedure for updating your Aadhaar Card details are: -

1. First of all Aadhaar visit the self-service portal updated by clicking on this link

2. When you open a web page, and there you see a field asking about the number of your mobile phone. Enter your mobile phone number and click on "View the prosecutor's office." You will receive one password as your mobile phone number of your income. Do not keep in mind that the prosecutor's office is only valid for a period of time not exceeding 15 minutes. If you were not recorded in your mobile phone Aadhaar self-service portal, enter your mobile phone number and you will receive a password once.

3. After you've got the password once on your mobile phone, enter the prosecutor's office in the desired field and click on the "enter". Do not keep in mind that the prosecutor's office window is only suitable for 15 minutes.

4. Now you'll see the various fields in the browser window, on the occasion of the fields that you want to update, and then click on the Send button.

5. The introduction of new values ​​modified in specific fields, then click on "send an update request" is on the screen button.

6. Now, you will be asked to verify the details and see if they are true or not. If the details entered by you is correct and then click on the "Confirm" button and then "move forward." If you want to modify the details entered and then click the "Edit" button so you can edit the required fields.

7. After clicking on the button-up you will be redirected to a new page "and download documents." Download all scanned documents until it can be done to verify the changes that have asked him to do on your Aadhaar card. If you were not able to download the scanned documents, then you can also publish these documents through the post. Wait for the computer to download all the documents and once all the documents have been downloaded click on the submit button.

8. Now you will be redirected to the "Update full request" a page. Now, you should see the "Send a request to update successfully in history has been. Update request of a number (jar) is 0000/00222 / 0XXXX" on the screen. You can also get a confirmation message and updating dial the number on your mobile phone. Keep your Order Number safely with you as if it will help you keep track of your case updation Aadhaar card. You can also download the newly updated slip recognition Aadhaar card by clicking on the "upload file" button located on the page. Better take printing from sliding receipt can also be used for future reference.

9. Now, all your work is finished, click on the "Exit" which is present in the upper right corner of your web page button.

10. If you want to track your status Updation Aadhaar card, you can click here and see the results of using the Update Request Number

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