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Company Law in India


Having been in the Indian sector of private company is gaining importance over the past few years. With the changes taking place in the economy, rising competition and growth in the privatization, and trading houses need professional legal services to cope with the legal issues involved in commercial activities. These services include an intellectual property law, which includes copyrights, patents, trade secrets and trademark registration and registration of companies, etc.

In India, a law firm plays an important role in providing reliable services to the corporate sector under the Companies Act, including the 1956 company law team of lawyers in business law with qualified experience well qualified and a great offer local as well as legal services and international business solutions at reasonable prices. They offer wide varieties of the company's services and also help in the prevention of many issues in the future.

Registration of the company is one of the services most famous corporate laws and recommended that demanded by the corporate sector and various business houses. Here, the registrations of companies under the Companies 1956, which deal with companies as a legal entity, separate law. This is mandatory for all companies for the legal existence. There are a number of professionals to provide recording services companies in India. It is always better to get a company registered as soon as possible because it will protect the business in the event of any incidents. Also, the government provides various incentives to registered business organizations, such as reducing taxes etc.

The role of law firms in the formation of the company

Law firms to help in the establishment and registration of the company on a global basis. Attorney law firm involved in a private limited company, public limited company, Partnership Company etc. according to the requirements of the job.

Every company needs to register with the Registrar of Companies and the delivery of the required documents for the various legal requirements. This legal requirement is very complicated for the common man to understand. Here comes the role of the law firm. Lawyer and expert in commercial law drafting of pre-incorporation agreement, shareholders agreement, promoter agreement, memorandum and articles of incorporation, etc., which are required for the registration of companies.

Legal requirements

The company has to comply with many of the actions covered by the Companies Act. For example- every company must display their names (including the word limited) business or office, you must Stationery includes the company and place of registration name, registration number and address of the registered office, etc. to form a limited liability company, you must fill in the following documents at Registrar of companies:

A copy of the memorandum and articles of incorporation signed by at least two shareholders and witnesses.

In a statement to the people who will serve as the first directors and managers and the secretariat of the company with written consent, and the address of the company's registered office.

Details of the filling fee, share capital of company, registration fees and stamp duty.

It is recommended for all types of business houses, whether small or large, may be private or public to follow the laws of all types of companies in order to obtain legal benefits and hiring a professional body to assist in all legal proceedings.

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